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The Dress Shirt provides variety and personality to your wardrobe. It sends a powerful message as well. When buying a custom dress shirt consider the following to help convey the right message.

Collar design

A collar is the first thing that people's eyes are drawn toward when they meet you. If you have a long face, a long point collar will only accentuate that length and become a distraction. Instead, balance out that length with a wider spread collar. The reverse is also true. For rounder faces, a point collar will do the trick.

Cuff Design

French cuff or barrel cuff? Convertible or not? What message do you want to send? French cuff is much more formal and is making a comeback in the suit world. For the casual suit wearer, a barrel cuff or a variation thereof is a great choice. Make sure to account for larger timepieces when sizing and designing a custom shirt.

Overall fit

Many men today like a sleek, fitted look in their shirts. Nearly 70% of the shirts sold off the rack today are slim fit. Dress shirts will often shrink nearly a quarter inch after the 4th or 5th washing. Account for this shrinkage when buying a shirt. If you've ever had difficulty buying a shirt that fits, a set of custom shirts solves that problem easily. Communication with your haberdasher is important in determining the right fit.