Because Nothing Fits Quite Like Custom

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The trouser is the anchor of a well-fitted wardrobe. Current style trends will lean towards a flat front for slimmer gentlemen. Many will prefer a more spacious leg and opt for a pleat. Whatever the choice here, it should keep with the overall look of the suit. Slacks worn separately should coordinate in color with the shoes and shirting so as not too draw attention. A well-fitted trouser is much more important than most gentlemen realize.

Current trends will match a hem with a flat front and a cuff with a pleat. Slimmer-fitting legs are desired by a younger generation while the more mature suit wearer will opt for a fuller leg. Slanted quarter top pockets are the most popular pocket choice.

Add a buckle loop or suspender buttons for variety. Some clients are adding a jean pocket to their suit trousers.  If you've always wanted the convenience of the top pocket you enjoy in a jean, now the option extends into your tailored wardrobe as well.