The Pinnacle of Custom

Fabric, Styling and Fit are essential to consider when choosing a new suit.


If you are beginning your wardrobe or refreshing the basics, it is wise to invest in solid navy, dark gray and other versatile colors. Try to avoid the flashy, seasonal suits if you are looking at wardrobe basics. In a four seasons climate, choose a lighter weight wool fabric. Jackets can be half-lined if you are often hot or fully lined if you wear the jacket for warmth. Buy the best fabric you can afford.  It will always serve you well.


The styling of a suit will send the real message. Decide whether you want a suit that looks more modern or traditional. Choose between a conservative look or a fashion forward one. Small details like the style of trouser front in flat or pleated style, finishing the pant in a hem or cuff, the width of your legs, how long you wear your sleeves and the width of your lapels and pockets can send a powerful message.


A suit should fit your body as snugly as possible without being restrictive. A well-fitted suit will accentuate physic or hide unwanted features. The jacket should drape beautifully over the wearers shoulders, with minimal wrinkles in the fabric. The trousers should create a slimming silhouette. In the end, it is up to you to convey what look you want to achieve and your preferences in the suit. Your haberdasher can guide you through these decisions if you are unsure.

Image courtesy of Scabal