Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of questions that frequently come up in our conversations with our client members and those inquiring to become such. 

How Much does the best cost?

If you're looking for a cheaply made suit, even custom, you can find it. Just not here. Suits sold online, suits sold by consultants that don't know what their suits are made from, where or how they are made, are plentiful. Consider this: the cost of fine fabric will usually cost a wholesaler more than some of these suits are being sold for retail. You do the math and tell us if this is a quality suit or not.

Suits have been around a long time and are sold everywhere. Traditional markup on suits is like furniture—big. Huge inventories require huge markups. Not here. Haberdasher offers only quality suits produced by skilled tailors in most respected tailor shops in the world. A quality suit for a professional appearance is one of the best investments you'll make in your career. You are not limited with Haberdasher. If you want world class fabrics like Dormeuil, Scabal, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, E. Thomas, Zegna, Gladson and Reda, you'll get it here. These are the best mills in the world and cannot be beat in terms of quality.

When you wear our suits, you wear the Haberdasher name. With a business built on trust, friendship, service and value, we can't afford to have our clients wear cheaply made suits. Renowned mills from Northern Italy supply our opening price point suit at $1399.  This is a fantastic suit and beautifully made. Most member clients appreciate the finest fabrics that we offer to match the superior handwork in its construction. Rare fibers such as silk, cashmere and vicuna can increase the cost of the garment. These are full custom garments, designed and cut for your body full of personalized detail.

While some machine work is common in custom tailoring, "full-hand" garments are a regular request at Haberdasher. Some clients require the ultimate in luxury and want our tailors to baste, pic and finish all seams and button holes the old fashioned way-100% by hand-to which we gladly oblige. 

Suits from $1399-$3,500 and up for specialty cloth

Jackets from $999-$2,799 and up for specialty cloth

Custom Shirts $129-$499

Custom Trousers from $249-$899 and up for specialty cloth

Are you accepting new clients?

Haberdasher takes personal service very seriously.  It is what we are about.  To maintain this high level of personalized service, we only take new customers based on referral from existing clientele. Occasionally we will have an opening for new clients. We are the exclusive clothier of a select number of executive gentlemen. Please send us a message if you are interested in becoming one of them.

Where do we meet?

Haberdasher Executive services are of concierge pedigree. Haberdasher's business model is to keep business overhead low and pass along those savings to its member clients. We also enjoy providing these services on clients' terms, where it is convenient for them. This may be in an office, home or another place the client chooses. 

should i just buy a tuxedo?

Yes. A quality tuxedo is a great investment. If you wear a tuxedo more than once a year you should buy it to begin with. Most executive gentlemen require a proper tuxedo. It is very similar in price to buying a suit. Differences between a suit and a tuxedo include fabric-covered buttons and satin accents. While close in price to a fine suit, it does make a different statement. Let us guide you in making this decision if you are unsure whether you should invest in a tuxedo.

custom shirts?

A suit only looks as good as the rest of the clothing it is paired with. A beautiful custom suit needs a quality shirt and tie to complete the look you are after. At any one time, you can choose from a thousand world-class fabrics from which to make your new shirts. Styling of fit, cuff, collar, monogram placement and many other details are all included at no charge. From special design requests to full-hand made shirtings, meticulous care and 10 hours of detailed work go into each shirt. You own a paper pattern with your name on it after you become a client of Haberdasher. Truly a world class experience. 

How fast can I get my new wardrobe?

Like anything made by hand, delivery times on custom clothing will vary depending on the origin of your chosen fabric. We try very hard to create the quickest turnaround possible. We are as excited for your new wardrobe as you are!  Most full custom shirts, suits and jackets are 4-6 weeks. Special order ties are delivered in two business days.  We find that rushing the experience of custom clothing serves no one well.  If you are planning a wedding, elevate the groom's needs with that of the bride's and plan ahead. I want your new clothing hanging in your closet for two weeks before you need it.

Do I Have to live in utah to be a client?

You do not have to live in Utah to become a client.  If we determine together you might be a good fit for our services, we arrange travel and make it convenient for you. We have clients from Norway to the Caribbean. (Minimum order required for travel arrangements)