How to hire a personal Clothier

Few men enjoy shopping for clothing—which is a shame. Shopping for clothing was once a rewarding and satisfying experience. Personal service and convenience made for a hassle-free experience. Fast forward to today. The emergence of big box nationals and the near disappearance of personal clothiers did nothing for men's confidence in the suit buying experience. A man needs a place to indulge himself. Take time for yourself and enjoy a fitting. Feel the fine hand of Italian and English milled wool. Endless demands of your time make moments to indulge rare to come by. Determine to have the nerve and self assurance you need to be a success. Leave your routine and stride into the world of impeccably-tailored clothing. Here is how...

Style Guide

As your professional clothier, we will guide you in your choices of fabrics and fit. You don't have to know exactly what you want. You will receive direction on styling and fabric selection—as much or as little as you like.


No need to take an afternoon away from the office or spend a weekend shopping around town. We will visit you at your convenience in your home or office. Personal service is our literal calling card. If adjustments need to be made, they are done locally. Sending back a garment for a remake or adjustments is very rare. It should not take 6 months to get a garment right.


If you have ever settled on a suit because it was the best of whatever they had in your size, you will appreciate being able to choose from hundreds of fabrics. You will never have to settle again. If you are after a certain look, you will love looking through hundreds of fine fabrics and creating exactly what you want-a one-of-a-kind garment made exclusively for you.


Luxury and quality come at a price. Your dollar is valued here. If you are searching for a clothier that supplies a lower price point, and that is your main requirement, we are not your ideal fit.  You won't find inferior cloths or construction here.  We recognize that our customers are looking for something they can wear and enjoy for the long term. We have chosen to supply only the highest level of service and materials to our clients.  Successful gentlemen find that the time they save with us is far more valuable than a few dollars saved in the store. 


The variance of quality in suits and shirts and other fine clothing is vast. We have selected only those fabrics and tailors that fit our strict quality standards. In tailored clothing, truth of the phrase “you get what you pay for” is no different. Don't be tempted by cheap suits. They won't leave you feeling confident or well-dressed. A quality suit is an investment in yourself. 


Tailored clothing fits. You know the difference, you feel the difference, you can see the difference, and you act accordingly. Tailored clothing sets you apart from those who see a suit as a daily inconvenience, because a tailored suit is a confidence card—an awakening of self-reliance. Watch what happens when you buy your first one... you will thank us later.