Quality Neckware

Your Haberdasher Custom Ties

Neck ware is another item that allows the wearer to showcase personality. For professional settings, stay with woven silk.

When choosing a tie one has to consider color and pattern of the suit as well as the shirt. If both the suit and the shirt have a major pattern in the them, the tie needs to be solid in color. If the tie and suit are solid, likely a patterned shirt will accentuate the wardrobe nicely.

A rule to stick to when choosing how to put together an ensemble is "pick two." If your suit and shirt are solid, wear a patterned tie.  If your suit and tie are patterned, wear a solid shirt etc. If you stay with complimentary tones and colors, you can't mess this one up too badly.

The Knot

To achieve the best look from a tie, most men will learn the four-in-hand knot. Other common knots include the single and double Windsor. Based on the spread of your collar, you may need to tie a smaller or larger knot. Larger spreads will require the wearer to tie a larger knot to remain proportionate. The thicker the tie, the smaller the knot you'll need to tie to achieve the right size of knot.

The knot should be tied at a moderate length that ends the at the middle of the belt buckle. The width of you tie should match the width of the jacket lapels.