Why Haberdasher Custom Clothing?

Choosing a personal clothier can be an overwhelming decision. Let us explain our values and founding principles.  Please complete a client information form to have a personal conversation to determine if we might be the right fit for you.

Exclusivity and prestige

Admittedly, we are not the right fit for everyone. Service and quality are our hallmarks and we will not compromise nor outsource to save time. Our member clients appreciate the service, quality and convenience we provide. Because we are a personal boutique operation focused on high-end clientele we limit the number of clients we serve to ensure our clients receive the best, most responsive service possible. Because we are a relationship-based company we do not do business on a transactional basis.  We become a trusted partner in making sure you are well-dressed and taken care of for the long term. You will never be "passed off" to the next sales rep.

Haberdasher member clients take pride in knowing they get their clothing made from the finest sources the world has to offer. 

Please send us a note if you are interested in our services.

Premium Quality

All of our products are made by long-standing respected tailors. No shortcuts here. No excuses. 

When clients invest in a wardrobe with Haberdasher, they expect the best in quality-and they should.  We determine, together with our clients when, where and how often the garment will be worn. Based on this information, recommendations will be given to get the best make, fit and fabric for a long-wearing, quality suit. From garments made 100% by hand to a beautiful piece finished using modern manufacturing processes, clients always get a quality product that we stand firmly behind.

Our fabric selections come from the finest mills in the world. No one does it better.


We sell Saturdays.

Shopping for tailored clothing should be enjoyable and convenient. Take the hassle out of shopping. No crowds, no rush.

Our clients are busy. Work, family, building a business... whatever keeps them going. With rare downtime, the last thing most men say to themselves at this point is "I want to go shopping for a suit!" 

During a daily routine, they take a few minutes to choose a favorite fabric.  Maybe the first part of a lunch break or just before they head home. Haberdasher concierge services accommodate the most demanding schedules to outfit clients right. Once you are a client, reordering using our unique software makes shopping exponentially easier.


Today it seems like we have all learned the lesson that "you get what you pay for." In no industry does this apply more than in the textile industry. In the days of world-wide competition based solely on price, it is no wonder things get produced cheaper and cheaper. We know how corners are cut and how prices for off the rack suits have essentially remained the same over the past 15 years. We believe that to provide value to our clients, we need to offer them something that is made for them with the best possible materials and construction. The thought of buying something that is well-made and can last years is something we don't see much anymore. Value is more than a low price. It is convenience, quality and overall experience. When it is time to buy something that feels amazing to wear, we are here to provide that value.

Professional Service

Having your own professional clothier to guide you in your wardrobe choice is certainly rare. Yet it comes with every purchase here.

We are passionate about tailored clothing. We have the experience of running a retail suit store, the background of proper fitting and knowledge of suit quality and manufacturing. We love helping our clients look great. It is very rewarding for us to see others compliment our clients on their new custom garments.

You can expect a responsive, knowledgeable and time sensitive professional at Haberdasher. Our customer service, satisfaction, repeat business and referrals from happy member clients make our business very successful so we work hard to please our clients. 

Our clients have access to take advantage of our master tailoring services performed in Salt Lake City, UT or experience the convenience of a professional personal shopper and style consultant.

Locally Owned

Haberdasher is a locally owned, Utah-based business. When clients shop with us, they support their community-for that we are grateful.

It wasn't until Haberdasher founder, Kirk Chugg, started working in a local retail store that he learned about the direct impact shopping locally makes in people's lives. When a client decides to spend money with a local business, that business thrives and pays its bills, adds sales tax revenue to the local economy and supports a family that buys local as well. One customer a day shopping at a "big box" store is the difference in surviving and thriving for most local shops. At Haberdasher, we support local businesses—from where we buy business cards to where we take clients for lunch. It makes a big difference and your hard-earned dollar is greatly appreciated here.

Great Selection 

If you have ever been frustrated with selection in the stores, or felt like you had to settle on your suits or shirts, Haberdasher provides hundreds of options for you to choose the perfect suit. Every time.

It can be a frustrating experience to go shopping for tailored clothing. If you aren't a standard size, or require something specific in a fabric or a cut, it is very time consuming to drive from store to store looking for the right suit.

There is a more convenient way to refresh your wardrobe. Your Haberdasher will come to a place that is convenient for you, select proper material and discuss the right fit for your new clothing. Nothing could be easier. Don't be caught running around town and shuffling through the racks looking for the perfect piece. It is waiting for you at Haberdasher.