Congruence in Your Message

It's a fact that some see as superficial and shallow. The reality is that it is a fact and like it or not, you are often judged by your outward appearance.  What is suitable for one individual is not appropriate for another.  Judging this level of appropriateness is as important as what you actually wear. A suit worn to a job interview at a coal mine would obviously show some signs of disconnect; much the same as a pair of blue jeans and a button down would not be appropriate in a corporate atmosphere. Paying attention to this is a major part of your success. 

If you are interviewing for a job, ask the recruiter or human resource department about appropriate dress code.  This should give you a great starting point. When you decide what direction to go, please pay attention to the details.  If you are in jeans and a button down, make sure your gig line is straight, your shirt tails are properly tucked and that you've shined the shoes. Small details are not exclusive to wearing a suit. 

If you want to be known for paying attention to details, pay attention to details.  If you want to be known as an independent thinker and a problem solver, don't walk into an interview with problems you haven't solved. It's common sense but it gets overlooked regularly. Dressing appropriately will never close a door.  Dressing inappropriately will always be a risk I'm not sure you're consciously willing to take.